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May 12, 2019

Mother’s Day Message

These pictures -- are sent to us from our beloved Pregnancy Resource Centers across the nation -- where Mother’s Day happens EVERY day.

When you visit our homepage -- you’ll see the results of your 100% effective, 100% matched, 100% tax-deductible donation in action. Multiplied many times over.

Right now, I’m writing this as our four kids (ages 15, 14, 12 10) are making my bride a traditional breakfast in bed. Watching them in action -- the chaos, the arguing, the eye rolls, and the mess-making in the sincere desire to give mom a serenely joyful morning -- I like to think of all the moments those 66 machines we’ve delivered thus far helped to create for Moms.

We can measure how many machines we deliver, how many lives saved -- etc. But how can we measure the multiplied impacts through eternity? All the generations that will come into existence? The intangible rewards of motherhood, fatherhood, children, families?

Happy moments? Annoying moments? Worried moments? Fatigued moments?

Only the One that knit us together in the womb can see the multiplied moments over time.

But just looking at my 4 mess-makers working so hard in the kitchen this morning -- I know one thing:
every moment is priceless.

Thank you to all the Moms & Dads out there who’ve sacrificed so much for your kids.

And thank you to all of you who’ve given to 4US to make multiplied priceless moments across the nation!


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