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December 16, 2018

Great Knightly News!

Our all-volunteer charity is overjoyed to work arm in arm with the KofC to support PRCs and save lives!

4US began delivering ultrasound machines to PRCs in 2005 -- since that time, we’ve delivered 59 ultrasound machines and will deliver 6 more in the next 2 weeks. In 2009, the Knights of Columbus launched their ultrasound for life initiative program -- they’re closing in on delivering 1,000 machines to PRCs.

4US was founded by a Knight and we’ve had local council support since our very first fundraising event. The Supreme matching grant initiative helped deliver 40 of our 59 machines -- but we did so without a formal endorsement. That changes today.

God’s timing is perfect! Just as 4US launches our Adopt-a-Center portal to secure sustaining support for PRCs across the nation -- the Knights of Columbus are asking their 15,900 local councils to build sustaining relationships with PRCs through their "Faith in Action" program. This formal endorsement brings new opportunities for councils to "Seek, Support and Save Lives" with Adopt-a-Center and for all of us to build sustaining relationships with PRCs and community champions to support them. Read the full endorsement here:

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