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4US Founders Diego and Kim Wendt circa 2004: Pre-kids, pre-wrinkles, pre-pared to take their knowledge of delivering life-saving support to front line troops to a nation’s pregnancy centers.

In 2012, The300 were born of a need to support massive event-based fundraising: a three-day mission trip to support a two-day Rally 4 UltraSound. The300 have helped raise over $1,000,000 to deliver 41 machines.

Who are The300?

This elite force of servant leaders for our nation’s pregnancy centers was born in response to a question posed to the founders of 4US in 2004. (Click here to learn more about 4US.)

Forged over seven successive years of challenging mission trips, there are now over 300 well-trained, hard-working, highly-motivated warriors for life planted across the United States and ready to carry out OPERATION illumiNATION – to provide an ultrasound machine and support to every center in need.

Equipped with “Adopt-a-Center”, a fundraising page, and ingenuity, they will raise funds to provide direct support to pregnancy centers of their choice. Each hero will raise at least $300.

Every dollar raised will:
• Be Matched
• Go 100% to machines & training

Every machine will save 1,000 lives.

Be a hero. Join The300.

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